Offcanvas Helper

By Blocs Builder

Extend your creativity with awesomness

Offcanvas Helper is already the number one way of adding Offcanvas menus to your website.  Extensions takes it even further, with link animations and toggles. Your websites user experience will be next level.

Extensions under development.

  • Offcanvas Toggle

    Animated SVG toggles, that are designed specifically to work with Offcanvas.  

  • Offcanvas NavPlus

    Build awesome mega menus, that dynamically change based on the main menu item that is hovered by the user.  Works natively with the Blocs menu system and of course pure Bootstrap and Javascript. 

  • Offcanvas Scroll Helper

    When a menu link contains an anchor link on a current page, this becomes a “Scroll to” link, avoiding jumping content and page reloads.  Making a much better user experience.

  • Offcanvas Menu  Fx.

    Additional CSS animations for Offcanvas Helper.  

 if you haven’t checked out Offcanvas Helper, take a look.