Easy Burger

Bric By Blocs Builder

Give the default hamburger some love.

Want to style your Sidebar and Fullscreen menus to match your website? Upgrade to Easy Burger!  Easily have Font Awesome icons replace the standard background SVG toggle* with an easy-to-use and customisable alternative, upgrade your menu today!

Easy Burger Overview

What you get!

  • Easy Burger


  • Blocs 4 / 5

  • Bootstrap 4 / 5

A good selection of Ingredients for your new burger.

  • Font Awesome icons

  • Custom text

  • Icon and text size

  • Normal and hover state colours

  • Transition between states

  • Background colours

  • Drop shadow

  • Background padding and radius

  • Borders

  • Close Icon colour and thickness

  • Offset the Sidebar Navigation Menu

  • Global swatch support

Please note

* Due to the way Blocs works, your changes to the burger will only show on preview and export.