Freelance Services with Blocs Builder

Freelancing is often seen as a one off job opportunity, where the job is done, money changes hands and both parties go their separate ways.

But, we like to think that providing a service, is an opportunity to create long lasting relationships.  This is a key aspect of our work ethos.

Speak to us today about how we can add value to your next project.

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Our rate is $80+ GST (if applicable) per hour or agreed pricing per project. (New Zealand Dollars), 

Pete Sharp

Founder of Blocs Builder

Hi,  you might know me as Malachiman on the Blocs Forum.
Blocs Builder is an initiative started by me to complement the great work of others — helping people use Blocs and create fantastic websites. 
We do this through providing many free video tutorials and online courses that help to develop your skill set.
I am also available on a consulting & freelance bases. 

Let’s build— together!