Don’t be bloc’d in with your learning

Master Builders, are life long learners and collect resources for their toolbox.

Are you ready to take your website creation skills to the next level? Investing time in learning can unlock amazing possibilities! Luckily, there are fantastic content creators out there who offer both free and paid resources.
To help you get started, we've put together a collection of recommended resources, so join us, on this exciting journey of learning and creating stunning websites!

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and we have listed resources we believe in. Feel free to contact us if you have a resource you would like us to consider trying out, so we can add it here.  Our approach is always to use the right tool for the job, it saves you time and money.  We use multiple apps based on their strengths for the task at hand. 

Best Videos / Courses

Blocs Builder
Our Youtube channel and playlists. Of course we were going to list this here!

Blocs Academy
Quick video tutorials by the Blocs App team. Very helpful for visual learners. 

Kevin Powell
A CSS master. With excellent videos on Youtube and great courses.

Skill Share*
1 month Free - Find courses to learn more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap.

Find courses to learn more about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap.

Great tutorials for using Pixelmator.


Blocs Knowledgeable
Blocs App documentation, not as exhaustive as it could be, but still very handy, and will help you with most things.

Premium Templates
The best templates you will find for Blocs App. Well crafted, with features not often found in other templates.

The home of Volt CMS for Blocs. Jannis is a fantastic developer and has created some awesome Brics for Blocs.

Blocs Store
Find 3rd party extensions for Blocs from other developers.

The offical website for all things Bootstrap, quick reference for documentation.

Bootstrap Icons
Handy place to grab Bootstrap Icons, and copy paste the SVG markup for them.

Can I use
Browser support tables for front-end web development. Check how well classes etc are supported across browsers and mobile.

Books / e-Books

.htaccess Booklet
Written by Brecht, this is an excellent guide to understanding .htaccess and snippets to get you started.

Software (Mac)

Affinity Suite
Designer, Photo and Publisher. The univeral licenses is a no-brainer.

Pixelmator Pro
Excellent app, and you can create Apple Shortcuts to streamline your workflow.

Forklift FTP
The best FTP client I have ever used. Once setup, you do not even need to open it to sync site updates.

Fantastic colour picker.  Has a handy contrast feature.

Sublime Text
Great code editor. I use it everyday.

Visual Studio
More advanced code editor. Excellent for developing solutions outside of Blocs before implementing them.

Suitable for more advanced developers and is not a page builder. Create amazing websites - static and for WP.

Bootstrap Studio
Another web building tool, although it requires more code knowledge than Blocs.  The right tool for the job is our approach.

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