Easy Burger
By Blocs Builder

Blocs 4
Bootstrap 4

Give the Burger Some Love on Sidebar and Fullscreen menus.

Made for Blocs 4 - Easy Burger replaces the standard toggle for an easy to style Font Awesome icon. 

Easy Burger Ingredients

  • Font Awesome Icons

  • Custom Text

  • Icon size

  • Normal and hover state colours

  • Transition between states

  • Background colours

  • Drop shadow

  • Background padding and radius

  • Borders

  • Close icon colour and thickness

  • Offset the Sidebar Navigation Menu


  1. Purchase, Download & Install

  2. Add to your project  (a global area like your footer)

  3. Set your icon and style of choice

    Note: Your changes to the burger will only show on preview and export. Some updates may require resetting or removing and re-adding Easy Burger for new features to apply.



(Tax may apply)