Social Responsibility

Transforming today for a hopeful tomorrow.

Human Responsibility. Because we get to!

Our approach to business is centered around the concept of 'good humaning'. We believe that true success is not just about personal gain, but also about enabling others to achieve a better life. To that end, we personally donate a portion of our income to organisations that are making a positive impact on the world.

Buying our products and services, helps to support life changing initiatives.

Each year in January we review the cause(s) we are supporting, to make sure they are adhering to the values we believe in and match the following criteria. 

  • Provide hope and life transformations. 

  • Genuine outcomes.

  • The cause is not driven by political agendas or affiliations.

  • Financial responsibilty / transparency.

Internet for everyone!

Accessibility means making the web a better place for everyone.  Sure it takes extra time to implement, and there is a lot to learn (we are learning more everyday ourselves), but people are worth it.

Web accessibility is a crucial aspect of website design and development that aims to provide equal access to digital content for all users, including those with disabilities, impairments, and limitations. It involves implementing various techniques and design principles that make it easier for individuals who may face challenges accessing and using digital content to navigate and interact with websites. By making websites accessible, content creators and developers can ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to access and benefit from their content, regardless of their abilities or limitations. Web accessibility can improve user experiences, increase engagement, and even expand audiences, making it an essential consideration for anyone involved in digital content creation and distribution.

Our products have accessibility in mind.

We do our best to implement accessibility well.  We are constantly learning ways to improve our design and code techniques to make the web a better place for everyone.  These improvements will work their way into our products and services.