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Blocs Builder.

Based in the beautiful New Zealand, Blocs Builder is the home of brics, blocs, and professional services for Blocs app. We also provide tutorials that help you become a master Blocs Builder.

Blocs builder is unique, in that we offer 3rd-party bric extensions, design and developement services, and tutorials that you will not find elsewhere. 

With no hidden fees or subscriptions locking you in, what we offer for free is really free!  and what you pay for is yours, no hooks or constantly shifting plans. We keep it simple and let our character and history of helping people tell the story. Blocs Builder is a stable brand you can trust in. 

Blocs Builder is an initiative of Better Thought Studio. This came about when Pete realised there was an unmeet need in the Blocs community for more in-depth tutorials that went beyond just how to use an app and to learn the web - a low code approach.  This led to us also learning the Blocs API and releasing our first brics, to help users build high quality websites. 

The demands of our agency work sometimes require us to shift our focus away from Blocs Builder. Despite this, you can be rest assured, that the resources we offer are as unique and useful as you want your website to be. 

Blocs App for Mac.

Blocs website builder is a fantastic No-Code (or as we call it, a Low-Code) app for the Mac, you can download Blocs for a free trial.

Pete Sharp.

Hi, I am Pete, founder of the digital solutions agency Better Thought Studio and creator of Blocs Builder.

Pete Sharp with a beard and glasses

I don’t just teach, I do!  My full time work is creating digital solutions for clients all over the world.  

I am a life long learner, having over ~19 years experience with various web technologies and more than two decades helping people up-skill their lives, I have created and overseen two training schools and prepared hundreds of hours of course content in this time. These days I allocate part of my time toward teaching people the web. My teaching style leans towards outside the box bloc thinking and I loves making the complex - simple. I am also a big fan of the "just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should” approach to life, learning and doing.

I also like to make useful Brics for Blocs.  These Brics are what we use in our own projects when creating with Blocs, so we stand behind them with our own reputation.

You will also find me over on the Blocs forum, as user Malachiman, where I volunteer my time to help other Blocs users, I am also a forum moderator.