Any Video

Bric by Blocs Builder

Any Video By Blocs Builder

Play video in a styled popup modal.

Any video is a Poster Bric that plays video from Youtube, Vimeo or a customised URL in an easy to style popup modal.
Choose from a massive selection of options from 12 built in svg icons, blur, effects, colour and more.  
With Any Video, you can easily create a design that blends in with your website.


An Abundance of Options!

Any Video abundance of settings
  • Youtube / Vimeo / Custom URLs

  • Video start time (mins, secs)

  • Auto play / Mute

  • Modal size options

  • Modal FX

  • Modal background colour

  • Modal blur intensities

  • Close button colours

  • Poster images

  • Poster hover FX

  • Borders and radius'

  • 12x SVG Play Icons

  • Customised Play Icon positions

  • Poster FX

  • Captions (text & HTML support)

  • Bric Drop Zone

User Reviews

Adrian Hughes

Now I can design perfect layout and playback and so much more with the brilliant ‘Any Video’ bric from Pete at Blocs Builder. This is what myself and many Blocs users have wanted for a long time!...

Jerry Bastiaan

Any Video made our training videos stand out and helps my clients to focus on what matters. Any Video is the ultimate yet easy to implement, must-have marketing tool for our business!...

Ashley Smith

A fantastic bric with advanced options that works really well, allowing Blocs users to do much more than they can with the standard video bric.


  • Blocs 4

  • Bootstrap 5


  • Version 1.0 

    Initial release.

Any Video Demo

Lightyear Movie Poster
Lightyear coming 2022

Classic options. Plus.

Choose from 12 SVG icons with 9 positions.  Add borders, radius’ and on hover overlays.  Not to mention 9 different ratios you can apply that convert your image to a cover display automatically. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 Poster
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Poster

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2 is awesome, looking forward to Vol 3.

Create fancy layouts. Easy.

Using the caption area you can add plain text or HTML markup below your poster.  The experimental Drop Zone, means you can explore all sorts of content design.

What will you come up with?

Avatar 2 Movie Poster

Because you have HTML markup support in the caption area, you can add links that will open the video.
Just add the class ".any-video-trigger" to the button.